Purifying Sage Smudge Stick
Purifying Sage Smudge Stick
Purifying Sage Smudge Stick
Purifying Sage Smudge Stick

Purifying Sage Smudge Stick

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Our sage herbal smudge wands are infused with dried lavender, cinnamon sticks and dehydrated orange, stuffed with Yin Dragon incense and dried rose petals. 

Smudging wands or smudge sticks have been used for centuries by Native Americans in ceremonies to ward off evil, to cleanse an area, person, place or to send out prayers. Smudging is the term used for the burning of these herbs in the ceremony. More commonly used today as a cleansing or healing ritual. 

Benefits from this sage lavender blend by cleansing and purifying your surroundings while encouraging a wealth of holistic advantages. Cinnamon when burned aids healing, adding Lavender encourages peace, relaxation, and restful sleep as well as purity and love, the rose element attracts love and enhances a romantic environment, also used for peaceful meditation.

Purchase includes:

  • (2) Handmade Sage Smudge Stick
  • Each wand is approximately 4 inches
  • These sticks are primarily made with sage from New Mexico and are wrapped in 100% cotton yarn for safe burning
  • Ingredients: lavender, rose, sage, cotton, orange, incense, yarn, sticks, wand, smudge, herbal, herbs, cinnamon

    Caution: Do not leave burning while unattended and care should be used when extinguishing smoldering sticks. Use a bowl to catch any ashes when smudging.


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