Moon Phases Ritual Calendar 2018
Moon Phases Ritual Calendar 2018
Moon Phases Ritual Calendar 2018
Moon Phases Ritual Calendar 2018

Moon Phases Ritual Calendar 2018

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Harness the energy of the Moon cycles with this beautiful handcrafted Moon Phases Calendar. This calendar deck includes Moon Phases and Rituals instructions to help you set stronger monthly affirmations. Each card clearly displays mantras, crystals, incenses and other ingredients you will need to perform these Moon rituals. For instance, the beginning of a new lunar cycle is the perfect time to set goals for the month and make a list of steps to take to achieve them. Let this handmade Moon Phase calendar be your trusted companion in 2018 by helping you track the Moon's every move. Understand your moods and whims; by reconnecting with your inner goddess this 2018. 

Makes a great gift - can be a great desk calendar or added as dividers to any personal journals. 

Each card has been meticulously designed with full Moon illustrations:

  • A set of 13 high-grade two-sided A6 postcard
  • Comes with a mini easel for displaying
  • One card for each month of the year plus one information card
  • A beautifully designed full moon specific to each card
  • ''What you will need'' for each month
  • Detailed descriptions of how to perform the rituals or tasks
  • Monthly affirmations
  • Monthly incense suggestions relating to that month's theme
  • Monthly crystal suggestions relating to the month's theme
  • Card reading suggestions
  • 1 Info card with details on how to cleanse your stones, how to perform rituals & what each card will have
  • Full Moon & New Moon dates below each calendar month as well as highlighted in the monthly calendar

Your cards will be gorgeously packaged in tissue paper, wrapped in hessian and sealed with a vintage wax seal; finished off with some stunning feathers.