Our Story

If you are curious about the esoteric world because you know there is more to life than what meets the eye you have come to the right place.

Oh My Gawdess is a wellness store designed to meld modern and ancestral knowledge to help you on your path to happiness and self-discovery. Like what has been taught since the dawn of time, we believe that there is more than what meets the eyes.  Unfortunately, our busy hectic lives push us in every direction making it difficult to feel centered.
Our goal is to  ritualize self-care so you can feel balanced, strong and fulfilled. We offer a variety of products from Spiritual Jewelry, to Healing Crystals, to Yoga Gear and other Unique Mindfulness gifts! 
We want to make sure you have an incredible shopping experience. Therefore, if there is something you would like to suggest, let us know. We welcome feedback.
With Love,


Once upon a time, a young girl ready to take on the world moved to New York City. She quickly started working in the fashion industry and got everything her heart ever desired. She lived in New York City, had her dream job, had an amazing friend but yet felt so empty inside. She didn't know who to turn to. What was wrong with her and why wasn't she grateful for everything in her life? Quickly, she realized her excessive lifestyle work hard, play hard was the cause of her melancholy. The glamour she once had craved now were shadowed by her need to reconnect with herself and feel whole again. She was burned out, overwhelmed and not able to keep up. She started reading about Buddhism, watching new age videos on Youtube and putting two and two together. She started practicing Yoga and Meditation. She learned about the power of crystals. She dabbled with white magic and Santeria as she became more attuned to her personal needs. She became obsessed with ancient wisdom and its intrinsic knowledge which somehow got lost over time. Because moving to India and meditating in a cave didn't sound that appealing to her, she realized that simple wellness rituals were all that was needed to stay self-centered. In her quest to learn more about the esoteric and its wellness benefits, she decided to launch OH MY GAWDESS. 
We hope you can join us in this journey of self-discovery & learning.