Instagram Is Going CRAZY over this Bling-Bling Steering Wheel Cover


So glam, you will find every excuse to cruise and live that BOSS life

  • Better comfort:  Made of exquisite soft vegan leather and covered with inlaid crystals, so they won’t scratch or irritate your hands while driving.
  • Driver safety: Non-slip and wear-resistant, have a better grip and more control on the road.
  • Made In the USA: Designed for longterm durability, heat, cold, and wear resistant.
  • Eco-friendly: Totally vegan and environmentally friendly. 

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    Based on 113 Reviews
    Why did it take me so long to order this?!! This, this BEAUTIFULLY, well crafted, sparkling steering wheel cover of GREATNESS!!! Even at night it sparkles!! OMG! I’m in love!! Buy it already!
    So in love with this cover!!! Fits perfectly,and absolutely sparkles. Doesn't catch on your skin or clothes like some of the reviews said about the other styles. Very happy with my purchase.
    I cannot express how pleased I am with my purchase. its beautifu,l well made, good quality item. I LOVE IT!!! So many complements!!!
    It looks so stunning from inside and outside of the car. It doesn’t scratch my hands either. Also came with extra jewels!
    Very pretty! :D! It will make people turn around to see your car!
    Verified purchase
    Very sparkly and pretty!!
    Bought this for my daughters first car. It was tight to put on but fits perfect. She loves it.
    If you want to bling you’ll love it!!
    Obsessed. Best thing I bought online. It is hard to get it on initially but it stays on and looks amazing!!
    Beautiful. I just love it!
    Perfect! Exactly like the pictures and descriptions!!! Love it. Super nice quality too!
    Super cute! Fits perfectly, high quality. Eye catchy. Love it!
    Get a lot of compliments on this.....really classy.
    I have had mine since late January. It was hard to put on but I love it. Very blingy!
    Love this! Wasnt sure if it would be a little over the top but it isnt! Looks beautiful, feels great! I actually like the thicker steering wheel. Great product for that special car.