5 Ancient Buddhist & Shamanic Techniques for Reinvigorating your Chakras

With the demands of our daily lives, it’s very easy to get our Chakras out of whack. If you are feeling easily irritated, more tired than usual, not excited about your life, it is simply because your chakras are depleted and your need to restore their balance.  

In our modern world, we often deny or very basic needs to reconnect with oneself and balance ourselves. This is why, we provided you with 5 ancient techniques you can choose from to ritualize the habit of taking care of yourself and reinvigorating your chakras.

Shamanic rituals have been around for thousands of years. It’s practically been around since the beginning of time and practiced in indigenous cultures around the world.

According to award-winning author Sandra Ingerman, shamanism is the most ancient spiritual practice known to man. There is even archeological evidence dating back to at least 40,000 years that showed that the practice existed.

These rituals vary depending on the culture with some having very simple rites while others practice complicated ones. Regardless of how these rituals are performed, they all share a common purpose and that is to restore wholeness.

These rituals arm you with the tools to combat these negative emotions. Even if we go back to ancient times, these rituals are designed to connect people back to spirit, plant and animal guides because when we go through difficulties that concerns our health and psyche, in a way, we get disconnected.



One of the ways to strengthen your chakra is through the use of chakra stones and crystals. These precious stones are used to bring back energy to your chakra and help restore serenity and balance to your life especially after going through a traumatic experience.

You’ve got stones that help convert energy like black obsidian, black onyx, and apache tears or crystals that enhance creativity and personal power like carnelian, hematite or cinnabar. There are also crystals that help improve maturity and self-esteem like moonstone, amber and citrine.

All you need to do is to have them with you always like making a necklace out of them, having them in your bags or pockets or put them right around your home or workplace.



Stress has become an everyday sickness for most of us and when we’re down and out or just not in the right mood or element, these negative emotions manifest themselves physically. You look messed up and your home looks like a complete dump because you haven’t taken the time to clean.

Once you’ve determined the reason for all these bad vibes, one thing you can try is to perform a simple mantra meditation. Say “so hum” or “aum” silently in your mind as you move from one bead to the next. Doing this simple exercise can help you bring yourself out of the misery you’re going through.



Also known as the Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing, smudging is an indigenous American tradition that started way back thousands of years ago. Think of it as something similar to incense where a certain individual or group is subjected to smoke that comes from powerful healing plants.

Smudging is considered a powerful spiritual cleansing ritual that drives away all the negative energy to restore balance. What makes smudging popular is the fact that it’s easy to perform because it doesn’t require any special equipment for it to be done.

The best plants to use for smudging are lavender, rosemary, valerian root and sweet grass to name a few.



Another technique of strengthening your chakra is through the use of sound. Sound that comes from bells, singing bowls, and chimes are just some of the best examples.

The reason behind this is that the vibrations created by sound helps break static energy and clears you of all the negativity surrounding you. Adding prayers or invocations to the sound created by the tools mentioned makes the process stronger and more effective.

One other tool that you works similarly is the Tingsha which was used by Tibetan Buddhists for prayers and rituals. This tool is made up of two small cymbals held together by leather or metal chains in some instances. These cymbals produce a high-pitched tone when struck helping you get clarity and serenity as you say your prayer.



No cleansing conversation will ever be complete without mentioning salt because it’s been associated with the word even during biblical times.

Generally speaking, salt baths are performed by mixing two to three handfuls of unrefined sea salt to a tub of bathwater but since recipes vary, it really depends upon your preference as to what other ingredients you would like to add.

Some would like to add essential oils like lavender or maybe some dried rose petals to set the mood. It’s really a matter of creating a surrounding that promotes peace and calm through the use of powerful scents, relaxing sounds and calming sights that makes it more effective

With all this setup, you can just lie in there filled with positive thoughts and gratitude in your heart for that total cleansing experience.



We’ve just given you some of the ways you can strengthen and energize your chakras. What’s next is to put them in action and the first thing you can do is to be aware and alert. Use your intuition to scan your body and sense if you are feeling angry, agitated, or depressed you know you must set time to recharge your Chakras.

Sit quietly. Take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes and visualize yourself surrounded in a bubble of light or imagine a source of white light above your head then encase yourself with this protective light for regular chakra alignment.

Always remember that a heart filled with love is the strongest protection against getting out of whack. If you had a stressful day filled with conflicts, send love to that situation. It may be hard to do but it is necessary to give it gratitude for its teachings and not hold anger and resentment in your heart.